Julie and Greg’s Wedding Film

Julie and Greg’s DAC wedding was more than the union of two high school sweethearts, it was a celebration of family. These two have such an obvious respect for each other, their families and their history that was just so touching.

It’s obvious that Julie and Greg spent a lot of time thinking about how to weave in some special elements from both families to create a gorgeous and elegant day. Greg’s wedding band, which previously belonged to his grandfather and great grandfather, contains several different metals as it was re dipped around World War II when gold wasn’t available. The Model T, which was restored by Julie’s great-uncle and transported her to the church and the reception, was also used for her parent’s wedding.

Their Detroit Athletic Club wedding featured a large table of family portraits, as well as several wedding cakes, each topped with the cake toppers from family members weddings. On top of that, they celebrated their marriage at Old St. Mary’s church, making them the fifth couple in three generations of Greg’s family to be married there!

These sweet incorporations of family history, along with a few of their own personal touches and their playful and lighthearted attitudes, made for a stunning and timeless wedding day!

Jaime and Scott’s Royal Park Wedding – Today I Get My ‘P’

Seven years ago, Scott asked Jaime out on a date to the movies. Little did they know that they’d someday be starring in their very own Same Day Edit!

Jaime and Scott have spent the past seven years together making great memories and truly enjoying one another. We love how those special little details that make them unique were so perfectly woven into their Royal Park Hotel wedding.

Scott calls Jaime his Loney, and had always promised her that one day she would get her ‘P’. So, he kept his word, and gifted the new Mrs. Peloney with a sparkly ‘P’ necklace! to celebrate their wedding day. How sweet is that?! And, Jaime scored major points with the autographed Detroit Red Wings hockey puck and game tickets that she gave to Scott, who just might be the biggest Red Wings fan ever!

Thank you, Jaime and Scott, for being so fun and loving on your special day. We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and of course, Red Wing victories!

Detroit Athletic Club Weddings

Detroit is home to many beautiful venues and churches steeped in the rich history of the city. We love filming at all of these iconic venues, but by far our most popular is the Detroit Athletic Club. Located in the entertainment district of Detroit, it is one of Michigan’s premiere event venues, and we’ve captured the stories of many wonderful brides and grooms at this beautiful venue.

Have you booked the DAC for your wedding, or are looking to do so? Here’s a little bit about why we love this timeless venue!

As a downtown venue, the DAC offers wonderful proximity to some of Detroit’s iconic landmarks which is ideal for capturing unique and candid moments in city! However, the DAC has its own very unique spot for some stunning shots. The rooftop of the building boasts a perfect view of the Detroit skyline and overlooks Tiger Stadium. And, If weather doesn’t permit an outdoor excursion, the historic architecture of the building itself makes for a gorgeous backdrop for your film.

The ballroom of the DAC is a wonderful place to host your reception. It has beautiful wood panelling, and a stunning ceiling of painted wood beams and impressive chandeliers unlike anything else we’ve seen at local venues. This room is one of a kind, making it a perfectly elegant and formal space that brings its own character of history and charm to your event. Many of our DAC couples have had very minimal decorations because the ballroom is just that beautiful just by itself!

With its stunning facilities, expert staff, and beautiful surroundings, there’s no better place for an elegant and timeless Detroit wedding. You can’t go wrong with a Detroit Athletic Club wedding! It has been one of our most popular venues to film and is always enjoyed by all in attendance!

Elizabeth and Aaron’s Detroit Athletic Club Wedding

As Elizabeth’s sister put it so perfectly, she and Aaron are both “ridiculously silly, but absolutely solid.”  I can’t think of a better way to describe these two.  Their Detroit Athletic Club wedding was a perfect reflection of themselves.  Old St. Mary’s Church was a perfect complement to the DAC, and served as a beautiful and historic setting for their day.  As DAC members, Aaron and his brother started off the day with a rigorous game of squash.  Even though it was his wedding day, Aaron’s brother refused to let him win!

It was clear how important family is to this couple.  Both Liz’s sister and Aaron’s brother gave incredible toasts about their love and involvement with each other’s family as well as their own friendships with their siblings.  One of the most touching moments of the day was the bouquet toss.   Instead of throwing her bouquet to a gaggle of “single ladies,” Elizabeth presented it to her Mom to honor their years of friendship and her unwavering support.

Their wedding was a classic and heartfelt event, with love and laughs all around.  Congratulations Elizabeth and Aaron!

Royal Park Hotel Wedding Demo Reel

As a Downtown Rochester business for four years now, we have a certain fondness for our local businesses and venues. The Royal Park Hotel, one of Michigan’s premiere hotels and event venues, is just a stone’s throw away from our office, and we’ve captured the stories of many wonderful Royal Park brides and grooms.

Have you booked the Royal Park for your wedding, or are looking to do so? Here are our favorite features about this elegant venue!

The all glass conservatory space offers all the natural beauty of an outdoor ceremony or reception, with its high ceiling, chandeliers and an elegant fountain outside. The best part is that you won’t be worrying about an unpredictable Michigan weather fiasco forcing you and your guests inside to a less than spectacular backup space. We’ve seen the conservatory house wedding ceremonies in every season, and it is truly a unique and beautiful space.

The Royal Park’s ballrooms are also one of a kind. While the rooms are beautiful themselves, they offer you a blank canvas to create a reception space that is completely custom. We have seen receptions set up a myriad of different ways with all different styles of decor, and it never disappoints.

With its stunning facilities both indoor and out, expert staff, and beautiful grounds, you can’t go wrong with a Royal Park Hotel wedding! It continues to be one of our most popular venues to film and is always enjoyed by everyone in attendance!

Heather and Dan’s Oakhurst Country Club Wedding

Heather and Dan are, literally, a perfect match.  Their Oakhurst Country Club wedding was happy, playful, and to top it off, their awesome story reminds us of why we love what we do.  And, as you can hear in their wedding film, they really did meet through a mutual friend they both paid for…sort of.  Heather and Dan met on match.com.  Dan was a little reluctant to disclose to others how they actually met, so they fabricated the cover-up.

Let’s raise a boot to a future filled with love, laughter, and AAA Roadside Assistance!


Kelly and Nick’s Lake Michigan Wedding

It was the spring of 2002, when prom was the topic of conversation, Facebook was yet to exist, and a group of high school juniors crammed themselves into their friend’s basement to listen to Nelly’s latest album. While there, a sweet and bubbly blonde and an athletic tennis player from Latvia locked eyes (okay, maybe they locked lips, but kissing and telling is so 9th grade), and as you can see in their Lake Michigan wedding film,  the rest is history.

Over the next 10 years, Kelly and Nick grew up together, and their love for one another continued to grow. They cheered on the Spartans, spent summers boating in Grand Haven, and supported each other when internships and dream jobs would separate them by hundreds of miles. No matter where the crazy road of life took them, each summer, they would find themselves together again, with their toes in the water, and a cold drink in their hand. Then a little over a year ago, on a spring day similar to the one on which they met, Nick slipped a ring on Kelly’s finger during the commercial break of one of her favorite reality television shows. Best. Tuesday. Ever. Soon after, they began planning their Northern Michigan wedding.

Kelly and Nick feel at home on the water, so with Lake Michigan as their backdrop, they tied the knot at Prince of Peace Catholic Parish. And, as you can see in their wedding film trailer, guests waved blush pink ribbon wands as the newlyweds exited the church, hopped into a white convertible, and took their first spin around the lake as husband and wife. Their nautical inspired reception, held at The Lake House, was complete with a cocktail hour overlooking the harbor, feathery white centerpieces, and lots of dancing (to Nelly, of course).

Kelly and Nick are proof that life really is more fun with your best friend by your side, and we are grateful to have been there to share such an exciting day that was so many years in the making. Cheers to the past decade of growing up together, and to the memories you will make as you grow old with one another.

You Are My True Treasure | Gloria and Ben’s Same Day Edit

These two. Our hearts just burst with happiness when we think of Gloria and Ben. They are so loving, so sweet, and oh-so-smitten with one another that you cannot help but fall in love with them. As you can see in their Same Day Edit, Gloria and Ben’s wedding day was one part Korean tradition, one part modern elegance, and one part delicious…because, yes, those were indeed frosted, sprinkled donuts that the groom and his groomsmen were fueling up with the morning of the wedding.

And then, just when you thought that you couldn’t love them more, Gloria receives a wedding gift from Ben. The gift is a jewelry box, and in his card, Ben tells Gloria that she is his true treasure from God, and that he looks forward to life’s momentous occasions that await them as husband and wife.

Their outdoor wedding ceremony was held at Greystone Golf Club. It was emotional and intimate, yet lighthearted; a perfect representation of Gloria and Ben. Guests then went inside, where a traditional Korean ceremony was held, and the Same Day Edit was revealed.

Thank you, Gloria and Ben, for the opportunity to capture and share such a special day with you and your loved ones. We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and memories to treasure!

How to Hire a Wedding Videographer

To start, this post is not “how to hire 3rd Street Films”. It’s about finding the perfect videographer or cinematographer to tell your wedding story. I hope that after reading through the five basic steps you will be able to make a more informed, confident decision, and most importantly, have fun while doing it.  So let’s get to it.

Step 1. How much to spend?
I know it’s tough, but don’t talk budget yet. Wait until Step 4.

Step 2. Go shopping!
By this I mean, go to as many websites as possible to watch and learn about the different styles of videography and cinematography. Talk to friends, photographers and venues for referrals. There are a lot of really great filmmakers in every market across the country that produce stunning work. Give it some time and you will find films you connect with. Remember, video is growing each year as an art, and every person will emotionally click in a different way.

Did you notice I have mentioned nothing about price or budget yet? This is for a reason. During step two, don’t make any decisions based on price. You just have to trust me on this for now. Jot down the top three companies you connect with the most, and go on to step 3.

Step 3. Meet the filmmaker.
Let’s get right to the point. You don’t want a creepy video guy no matter how good his/her work is. The key to having a great wedding day and a beautiful wedding film is to have fun and feel like you can be yourself. Your wedding video should reflect the real you, not your videographer’s idea of who you are. Does that make sense? I am not saying you have to become BFF’s with your videographer, but you need to feel comfortable with them.

Step 4. Who do you like? Let’s talk budget.
Now that you have a pretty good idea of the styles and filmmakers that you like, it is time to set a budget. Set your budget based on your top picks and go from there. Now you have a reliable benchmark for the style and quality of video that you desire.

Do not, by any means, rely solely on budgets listed in some of the major wedding publications. If you do, you will be budgeting for bad video. That sounds harsh, but 95% of the time this will be true.

Step 5. Book them and don’t haggle price (too much).
You may think I’m biased as I write this, but here is my rationale. As a filmmaker, it is hard to emotionally give your best efforts when you know the customer negotiated a discount. At 3rd Street, we generally don’t give discounts because we want to go into each event fired up to film the best wedding ever.

So who benefits from all this feel-goodness? You do, and that’s what it’s all about. The only agenda your video company should have is to create the best, most authentic wedding film they can for you.

Christina and Peter’s Shenandoah Country Club Wedding

We can’t think of a better way to wrap up the summer, than to spend Labor Day weekend with friends, family…and tying the knot.  Christina and Peter’s Shenandoah Country Club wedding was picture perfect, with their ceremony at Holy Name Catholic Church in Birmingham.  The entire day was brimming with love.

They shared with everyone how inspired they are by their parents’ marriages, and how important family is to them.  From the first time her dad saw her in her gown, to the adoration in his speech, you knew he was overjoyed that his daughter was marrying such a kind and loving man.  And, the candor and sentiment of the Maid of Honor and Best Man toasts made it evident that their families were just as excited to be uniting as one.

Thank you for the opportunity to capture such a special day, and cheers to a future filled with love and laughter!

Photography | Heather Saunders Photography
Floral Design | Renee Merfert
Day of Coordinating | Andy Keina
Cake | Sweet Dreams
Band | L’USA (Kim McKinney)
Hair | Six Salon (Danielle Mate)
Makeup | Alma Marroquin